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DJ Set by Nihil Fist 

Nihil Fist from Berlin/Germany produces music since 1996 trying to push electronic music into new, especially more aggressive, dirty, fast & noisy but still structured and danceable dimensions. He has released several records, cd's, tapes and videos over the years on various labels like praxis-records, cathartic noize experience and others. Coming from an d.i.y.-squatters-background he performs usually on dance-parties with open-minded, diverse, tolerant & wild crowds in a clearly anti-discriminatory surrounding preferably using a lot of fog and heavy strobelights as part of the experience.
Nihil Fist played at parties in different european countries and in Berlin-Clubs like the old Tresor and the legendary „Hardest Club on Earth“ Bunker. Between 1999 and 2004 he held his own party-series „Utterly Wipe Out“ in different Berlin squats, especially in the infamaous squat Köpi, focussing on hard, extreme and very noisy electronic dance music, regularly inviting recognised DJ's and Live-Acts from all over Europe. Between 2005 and 2018 the project ran on a lower level due to other priorities and projects (also other music projects and DJ activities – he is for instance also known as the Berlin DJ Unter Null, playing underground electronic dance music with heavy 80's influence).

For this radio show Nihil Fist sent us a DJ mix, a proper Masterclass on the history of industrial music from 1978 to 1999. A tale about the roots of the most radical parts of the Scene.

Clock DVA – prior to intercourse (1978)
Die Form – childish room (1978)
Cabaret Voltaire – the set up (1978)
Mahcanik – secret service (1987)
Throbbing Gristle – discipline live Berlin (1980)
SPK – Slogun (1983)
Hunting Lodge – banishing dirge (1983)
Sleep Chamber – dream ov life (1990)
PAL – Gelöbnis (1995)
Le Syndicat – panzerprick ripper (1992)
Putride Deglutition – untitled (1999)
BWK – karnage (1998)
Perplex Barquettes – raw mars wars (1998)
Cytocrome C – anarkose (1998)

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