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Pure vinyl DJ set by
Chantal from Cyberrise 

The adventure starts in the Netherlands when little Chantal gets  a tape by Technotronic from her uncle. In 1998, as a teenager, she ends at a Mononom party in Rotterdam - she's hooked. Starts hanging around with Acid Anonymous and Plexat Soundsystem. In 2000 she gets a pair of Decks and starts playing vinyl, which she does since. In 2003 she joins the Cyberrise crew  becoming one of the leading figures. She's also active in the feminist soundsystem Femtek.

What has to be said is that this pure vinyl DJ set comes out of a Berlin in lockdown , where Chantal is divided between a full-time job made from home and her three kids in home-schooling.
Chapeau, Chantal!

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